Frequently Asked Questions!

Where is the Engraving Shop located?
560 Panama Street Bldg. 192 on Parris Island base.

When are my DVD and photo CD arriving?
The Graduation DVD takes 6 weeks. The Photo CD takes 3 months.

I just placed my order, when can I expect my items?
We begin the production process as soon as your order in inputted into our production tracker which takes an average 2-3 business days. Please note that we are working diligently to process your order in a timely manner but please be aware that a few issues could cause a delay in the shipment of your order. Please see below for a list of possible delays. If you do not receive your order by your graduation and you placed in two-weeks or more in advance, please contact our office via the contact us page to inquire about possible delays.

Causes of production delays include but are not limited to:

  • Photo taken late due to Recruit being unavailable because of medical, security, etc.
  • Dropped from prior platoon and photo needs to be located if taken with prior platoon.
  • Ordered products with photos and photo discs have not been provided from vendor.
  • Order was placed two months prior to graduation. Orders placed on time for prior graduations have priority.

Are the banners waterproof?
No, our banners are not 100% waterproof. Our banners are able to withstand minor tear, rain and long hours in the sun but are NOT durable to withstand extended hours outside.

What are grommets?
Grommets are metal rings that are pressed into the corner of your banner which allows easier hanging without the need for tape.

Where do I get the pictures for the frames and plaques?
Your Recruit is provided the opportunity to purchase photos prior to and after they have their official photo taken. Please contact your recruit to ensure they purchased photos. Once your Recruit graduates and more photos are needed please call 843-228-1555.

I ordered my items a month ago and have not received them?
We are working diligently to send out all orders as quickly as possible but please be aware that to process your order we need to have your Recruit’s photo on-hand to process your order. Some Recruits may get their photo taken at a later date which will cause a delay in delivery of your item. If you have not received your order by the graduation date (not applicable to orders placed week prior or same week as graduation) please call our office or utilize our contact us page to inquire to the status of your package.

I ordered my items early but was just notified that my Recruit is getting put on MEDICAL HOLD / DROPPED TO THE NEXT PLATOON. What do I do about my products? How do I ensure they have the correct information?
It is very important that you contact us via our Contact Us page as soon as you receive word that your Recruit will have new graduation information. A lot of our products are customized with your Recruit’s graduation information and we want to ensure the correct info is displayed. Some friends and family don’t always receive the new graduation information at the time they are first notified, don’t worry, we can still put your order on HOLD until you provide that information via phone or the Contact Us page.

I received my items and the photo/text is wrong.
It is extremely rare for products to have the incorrect photo/text and we apologize to any families to encounter this. To correct this issue please send an email utilizing our ‘Contact Us’ page and ensure a photo of the incorrect product is attached to ensure we do not place the incorrect photo/text on the product

I received some of my items but am missing my other purchased products?
Products ordered without a photo will always ship earlier than products with a product that we put the photo on (e.g. the arched frame, photo t-shirts, banners, etc.) as our office makes those products on-site (exception is bumper stickers and crystals as these are sent to a vendor). Banners will ALWAYS be shipped separately as these are sent in a tube to eliminate the need to fold the banner to fit into a box. If you purchased various products with and without a photo they will always be shipped together once the photo products are made to minimize the amount of packages you will be receiving.

How early can I place my order?
Orders can be placed at any time so long as the graduation date is known. Orders placed prior to our office receiving the Dress Blue photo discs from our vendor will be put on a temporary hold status until we receive their photos. Please note that if your recruit took their photo late or was a drop from another platoon this may cause a delay in your banner in comparison with other recruits as we will have to wait until the Shot Late discs are provided by our vendor. Please be aware that it takes an average of three weeks AFTER they took their photo for us to receive it.