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Custom Engraved Legacy Brick


Leave a lasting mark on the iconic Peatross Parade Deck at MCRD Parris Island and alongside the revered Iwo Jima Monument, where tens of thousands of Marine’s earn the title each year, with our Custom Engraved Legacy Brick. This is your chance to create a timeless tribute, celebrating a connection to the rich heritage of MCRD Parris Island and the bravery symbolized by the Iwo Jima Monument. Commemorate your Marine’s commitment to the defense of our nation, and their pledge to the United States Marine Corps.

Text to be Engraved:
Add a Framed Certificate of Legacy

Proudly display this framed Certificate of Legacy as it commemorates your contribution and serves as a testament to your commitment to honoring our Marines. It bears witness to your enduring commitment to the Marine Corps and your desire to make a lasting impact on the hearts and minds of all who visit these sacred locations. Thank you for your dedication to the Marine Corps and your role in preserving its history and values. Semper Fidelis! Note: This certificate is for commemorative purposes and does not grant ownership rights to any physical property at MCRD Parris Island or the Iwo Jima Monument. It represents a symbolic contribution to the legacy of these historic sites.

Certificate Text:

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  • Unique and Personalized: Your message will be engraved exactly as written, making each brick a unique and personal testament to your Marines connection with MCRD Parris Island and the United States Marine Corps.
  • Limited Availability: There are ONLY 20,000 spaces available on the hallowed grounds of MCRD Parris Island, ensuring the exclusivity of your contribution to this historic location.
  • Durable and Timeless: Crafted from high-quality materials, these bricks are designed to withstand the test of time, just like the enduring Marine Corps values and the bravery of those honored at the Iwo Jima Monument.


Why Choose a Legacy Brick:

By placing your custom message on the Peatross Parade Deck and alongside the Iwo Jima Monument, you’re not just purchasing a brick; you’re making a powerful statement:

  • Leave a Legacy: Your personalized brick will stand as a testament to you or your Marines commitment, honoring the traditions of the Marine Corps and the courage represented by the Iwo Jima Monument.
  • Immortalize Your Connection: Whether you’re a Marine, a proud family member of a Marine, or a supporter of our troops, this is your opportunity to etch your connection in stone for generations to come at one of the most revered locations in Marine Corps history.
  • Inspire Others: Your message can serve as a source of inspiration to current and future generations of Marines who pass through MCRD Parris Island and to all who visit the hallowed Iwo Jima Monument, the site that sees thousands of recruits handed their Eagle Globe & Anchor each year as they earn the title United States Marine!


How to Order:

  1. Select Options: Select the quantity of bricks and certificates you’d like to purchase.
  2. Customize Your Message: Choose your words carefully in the box below, as your message will appear exactly as you write it. 4 lines of text, 21 Characters each including spaces. Please include what you would like printed on the certificate.
  3. Forever Be Part of Marine Corps History: Once your brick is in place, you’ll have made a lasting contribution to the legacy of the Marine Corps and the honor of the Iwo Jima Monument.


Join the ranks of those who have made history. Order your Custom Engraved Legacy Brick today and become an integral part of the enduring story of MCRD Parris Island and the solemn tribute to Iwo Jima. Leave a legacy that will inspire for generations to come.


All proceeds from the sale of bricks will be used to support morale, welfare, and recreation services provided to Marine’s, Sailor’s, and their families through Marine Corps Community Services.


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